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Do you need help restoring your smile? Dr. Canatella offers a range of effective restorative dentistry in his New Orleans office. Whether you have a cavity to treat or a missing tooth to replace, we will work with you to address your needs. Every patient we see can look forward to personalized service backed by years of training and expertise. Don’t let your problems go untreated. If you need a restorative dentist, call our office to reserve a consultation.


If you develop a cavity, it can be repaired without marring the overall appearance of your smile with a silver filling. Using a natural resin, your dentist can create a white filling that matches the shade of the surrounding tooth enamel perfectly. Plus, this method requires less of the healthy tooth structure to be removed, which keeps more of your natural smile intact. This can be hand placed in our office with a flow-able resin material or we have the option to mill a resin restoration with our CEREC CAD CAM and bond it in place for a longer lasting solution.



All hope is not lost for your smile after you lose one or more teeth — not by a long shot. Dental implants offer a comprehensive replacement option that takes care of the missing tooth’s root as well as the visible portion. The result is a stable, natural-looking crown, bridge, or denture that facilitates eating, speaking, and smiling. Many patients who have lost one, several, or an entire arch of teeth are eligible for dental implants, and they can last for a lifetime with proper maintenance.


Dentures are a common option for replacing multiple missing teeth on the upper or lower. And, thanks to modern advances in dentistry, they are also more stable, comfortable, and attractive than ever before. A traditional denture will rest directly on the gum tissue and should be removed for thorough cleaning and soak while you sleep at night. Dental implants can be used to retain a partial or complete denture for added stability and natural function. During a consultation, Dr. Canatella will evaluate your tooth loss, oral health, and then determine which solution is best for you.


Dr. Canatella offers all-ceramic dental crowns to help patients repair the strength and appearance of decayed or broken teeth. Ceramic restorations are durable, and they mimic the appearance of natural enamel. As a result, our New Orleans patients can smile with a new found sense of confidence and wellbeing. And using our special CEREC machine, we can design and mill fully customized restorations in just one visit. If you need a ceramic restoration for one or more teeth, our office is happy to help.


A crown and bridge, also known as a fixed bridge, is a special restoration designed to help you replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges combine a prosthetic tooth with one or two abutment crowns (an abutment crown is a crown placed over an existing tooth to stabilize a bridge). Why is replacing missing teeth important? Because having one or more gaps in your smile can cause significant problems. Over time, your teeth may drift out of alignment, making you more vulnerable to decay or gum disease. You may also lose more teeth as time goes by. Filling the gap(s) in your smile with a bridge will help you preserve your health and your smile’s alignment.


If you have an infected tooth, our New Orleans dental team can help you save it with a root canal treatment. During your procedure, Dr. Canatella will remove all traces of infection from your tooth in addition to your tooth’s nerve. Then, we will fill it with a special bio-compatible material known as gutta percha. Once these steps have been completed, we’ll place a custom-made crown on your tooth to restore its strength and appearance. Following your procedure, you can look forward to a healthier, stronger smile that can last for years and years.