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Close up of a hand holding a sports guard against a black backgroundIf you engage in sports, especially contact sports, there is no doubt that you will need a mouth guard to protect your teeth and mouth from injuries. Without proper protection, you could easily have a broken tooth, chipped teeth, or even a root fracture. When you experience this kind of trauma you need to ensure you are wearing a mouth guard to protect you from the dangers of these injuries. It is especially important that children and teens wear mouth guards while they are playing sports. Our dental team at Canatella Dental is dedicated to giving you the best-customized mouth guard for the safety of your teeth.

Mouth Guards Prevent Dental Injuries

You can prevent dental injuries easily by wearing a sports mouth guard. Our dental experts can custom fit a mouth guard for you or your children if you participate in sports. When you are engaged in contact sports you are likely to get injuries, including broken, loose, or chipped teeth. You can even experience tooth displacement. If you play sports such as baseball, martial arts, boxing, rugby, hockey, handball, gymnastics, or other engaging sports, you need to protect yourself with a mouth guard.

Mouth Guards Will Help You From Displacing Teeth

You can displace your teeth while playing sports and this can be traumatic especially if they completely fall out. If your mouth and teeth are hit, they have the potential to harm soft tissues in the mouth as well as affect other teeth in the mouth. If you play sports and the ball strikes you in the face, you may bite your lower lip, which can be painful. Having a mouth guard will keep you safe from this occurring. Accidentally biting your lip cause bleeding, and in severe cases, require plastic surgery to restore the shape of your lips. Getting a custom made mouth guard protects your gums, teeth, and mouth from these types of accidents occurring.

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It is important to protect your mouth and teeth from damage, especially before you play contact sports., Ensure that you have a custom made mouth guard to protect your mouth from any trauma. Our dental team will create a mold of your mouth to make your mouth guard. it is a simple process that can help protect your teeth and jaw. A mouth guard is effective and will keep the teeth from getting fractures or from displacement. Losing teeth can cause pain and other problems down the line.

Our dental team wants you to maintain good oral health in your gums, teeth, and jaw. To achieve this our dentist at Canatella Dental will encourage you or any member of your family involved in contact sports to get a mouth guard. Do not hesitate to call us at (504) 269-3486 to have a customized mouth guard made to help keep you protected from accidents that occur during games.

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