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Child sitting in a dental chair and smiling at dentist and dental assistantWhen it comes to dentistry for kids in New Orleans, LA, Canatella Dental creates a foundation for lifelong oral health. Doing this from a young age is important because we learn habits for dental health early on. Dentistry for kids goes beyond routine cleanings and fillings. We focus on the child's unique needs and concerns. Our team of experts creates a comfortable environment for young patients. From colorful, kid friendly waiting rooms, to gentle chairside manners, we understand the importance of fostering a positive attitude toward dental care early on.

We always emphasize proactive, preventative dental care with kids as well as adults. From regular check-ups, to education on proper oral hygiene and dietary guidance, our team works hand in hand with parents to establish lifelong habits that contribute to lifelong healthy smiles. Our offices are an enjoyable and educational dental experience for kids.

Importance of Early Dental Care

Early dental care is the foundation for a lifetime of oral health. A child's early years are crucial to developing proper dental hygiene, and preventing potential dental problems later in life. We fully understand that childhood experiences influence their attitude towards oral care for the rest of their lives. We work to alleviate anxiety, and establish positive associations with dental visits for our young patients.

Regular check-ups from a young age allow us to monitor the development of teeth, identify any issues, and correct them promptly. In addition, we focus on preventive measures such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants to reduce the risk of cavities. Educating the entire family about proper oral hygiene ensures consistent care at home. By prioritizing early dental care, we lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy smiles and overall well-being.

Services Offered for Kids

The services that we offer for kids are comprehensive examinations, preventive services, and other age-appropriate treatments. Our team excels in creating a child-friendly atmosphere. We use gentle techniques and communication to build trust with young patients, and create positive experiences.

Preventive Care

Education is key to preventive care. Our team offers guidance on proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as advice on a tooth-friendly diet. Kids learn the importance of preventive care so that those habits follow them into adulthood.

Pediatric Dental Exams

Regular check-ups involve thorough cleanings, and assessments of the child's dental development. In cases of crowded, spaced, or crooked teeth, or bite misalignment, orthodontic evaluations are recommended.

Dental Sealants and Fluoride Treatments

The most common preventive measures for children are fluoride treatments that promote mineralization of teeth and prevent cavities. Sealants may also be applied to further protect molars.

Pediatric Dental Restorations

Dental restorations are sometimes needed early in life. Kids get cavities that need to be filled, or crack or break teeth that need to be repaired. We create a gentle, child friendly environment for children's restorations.

Child-Friendly Environment

Creating a child-friendly environment in a dental setting is essential to creating positive dental experiences, and promoting lifelong oral health habits. Our offices are carefully designed to cater to young patients with a welcoming atmosphere. Our staff are trained to communicate with children effectively, and to explain procedures in a gentle and reassuring manner. We establish a relationship of trust with our young patients to make dental visits enjoyable. The team here combines an inviting environment with compassionate, child-centered care to instill a positive attitude towards dentistry and oral health in every child and parent.

Developing Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits in Kids

Developing healthy oral hygiene habits in kids is crucial to their dental health for the rest of their lives. These habits are the foundation for a lifetime of good dental health, and parents play a pivotal role in building those habits. We recommend introducing oral care routines early, even before the first tooth, by using a soft, damp cloth to clean a baby's gums. As teeth emerge, a small soft-bristled toothbrush, and a bit of fluoride toothpaste are recommended.

As soon as a child is capable, introduce independent brushing and make it a fun and positive experience. Brushing has to be supervised at least until the age of eight to make sure of thorough cleaning. And don't forget about flossing. Children have to learn how important it is to clean between teeth to prevent cavities and gum disease. Lastly, regular dental check-ups are vital. This allows us to perform professional cleanings and discover any issues early on, then treat them promptly.

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My children always have a wonderful experience going to Dr Canatella's office. He and his staff gets them in and out and are consistently friendly and accommodating.
- Marylynh V.

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There are so many questions to ask regarding dentistry for kids. If you have any questions regarding your children's dental health, wish to schedule an appointment for them, or a pre appointment introduction, please call us at (504) 269-3486.

When should a child have their first dental visit?

It seems early, but it's time to schedule that first visit by the age of one, or when the first tooth appears. Just like brushing a baby's gums with a cloth, this builds the healthy habit of regular dental cleanings and checkups.

How can parents help prepare their child for a dental visit?

First, it helps to visit our offices for a tour before the appointment so the space, and the faces become familiar. Second, it is always best to schedule appointments in the morning while kids are energetic. It is best to avoid appointments in the late afternoon, or close to normal nap times.

Are baby teeth really that important to care for?

Yes. A decayed baby tooth may need to be removed, and that can be a bad experience for a small child that forms negative associations with dental health. In addition, when a baby tooth is missing before it is pushed out, it can cause permanent teeth to shift out of place which may lead to orthodontic issues later on.

What if my child is scared of the dentist?

Communication and familiarity are key. It is best when children know that the appointment is coming in advance, and even better when they have met the staff and toured the offices before their first appointment. Familiarity, answering all of their questions directly, and knowing what is coming prevents any surprises that may cause anxiety in children.

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