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Dental Bonding
New Orleans

Serving Lakeview, West End, Metairie & Bucktown

Dentist and assistant performing a dental bonding procedure on a patient in New OrleansDamaged teeth are a major concern if you want to have a beautiful smile.

If you want to improve your teeth for a perfect smile, you can pay us a visit at Canatella Dental for effective cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental bonding.

We have some of the best practitioners who can guarantee you excellent results.

Chipped Teeth

Having chipped teeth is one of the main reasons why you should get bonding treatment. Chipped teeth can make you self-conscious, hindering your desire to socialize with people close to you.

Failure to treat chipped teeth can also lead to other dental issues such as fractures appearing on your teeth.

The bonding treatment that is applied ensures that the chipped part of your tooth is covered. It will match the rest of your teeth.

Though if you plan on whitening your teeth please know that it is advised that you do so before dental bonding so that the dental bond will match your whitened tooth color, not the pre-whitened tooth color.

You can then have an even set of teeth that will enable you to eat and smile with confidence.

Smaller Teeth

Some people have teeth that appear smaller or shorter than the rest. This can create a smile that is uneven. If you are experiencing this, dental bonding can be the solution for you.

The dental bonding works to ensure that the length or size of the tooth can be increased to match the rest of your teeth in your mouth.

How Do You Care For Bonded Teeth?

You will need to take care of your bonded teeth as you would the rest of your teeth, including regular professional dental cleanings. The main aim is to avoid staining and discoloration of your bonded teeth.

You can do this through regular brushing and flossing. You should also quit smoking as this can affect the appearance of your bonded teeth by yellowing them.

Furthermore, you should avoid biting hard items such as ice, as this can lead to the fracturing of the bonding material.

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The entire staff was professional, courteous, and very kind. I felt very welcomed as a new patient. I had a very good experience and plan on going back for any further dental work.
- Omaira R.

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Regular Dental Visits

Our dentists will be with you every step of the way after your bonding treatment. At Canatella Dental we will help you avoid the common dental problems and habits that can harm your bonded teeth.

We take pride in our facility by offering wholesome care long after your treatment. We are passionate about our patients and helping them improve their oral health through our dental and cosmetic procedures.

Give us a call at (504) 269-3486 to talk to one of our dental experts. Schedule a visit to start your journey towards having a perfect smile.

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Dental Bonding New Orleans | Serving Lakeview, West End, Metairie & Bucktown
Transform your smile with cost-effective dental bonding at Canatella Dental. Get the beautiful, natural-looking results you deserve.
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