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Dental Implant

3D rendering of a dental implant and its components (screw, abutment, and crown) being placed into the jawDental implants are one of the most effective procedures if you want to replace missing teeth. it is a permanent solution that significantly improves your dental health and also promotes your general health. Dental implant procedures involve metal screws being drilled into your gums, which then integrate with your jawbone to act as your new tooth root. You will have a crown placed after the procedure, which will leave you with a solution that closely matches your natural teeth. At Canatella Dental we can perform dental implant surgery safely to ensure that you can enjoy a quick recovery and improved state of your oral condition.

What to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, it is best if you come to our clinic to get a thorough examination from our dental surgeons. An evaluation of your oral health is important because not everybody can get dental implants.

You need to have healthy gums and jawbone framework before you can get dental implant treatment. If you do not have sufficient gum and bone tissue you will need to have a bone grafting procedure performed. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that increases your bone and gum tissue before you can receive implants in your mouth. If this is not done, the implants can loosen and fall out, and this can result in a repeat surgery to insert them again.

To avoid this scenario, we undertake x-ray images to get a complete picture of the state of your gums and bone structure. This will inform the next step before you get your dental implants inserted.

Will I Feel Pain?

With top-quality care from our dentists, you can expect a pain-free experience at tour office. Our dental surgeons are trained and qualified anesthesiologists, who can administer sedation dentistry safely. You will not feel any pain because we will take measures to ensure that we numb the area receiving the implants, and if necessary put you under sedation throughout the process. When you wake, you will have the implants, and you can begin the recovery process.

How Long is the Recovery Period?

After the procedure, you can return to your workstation after a day, and in some cases, you can return in the same day. This is usually in cases where there was a single implant being inserted which does not involve extensive surgery.

The complete healing of the wound where the implant is inserted can take about six months. During this time it will be important to consult with our dentists frequently so that they can ensure that you have the right recovery process.

Visit Our Facility

If you are considering getting dental implants our team of dental surgeons at Canatella Dental can assist you in the process. We have skilled professionals who can guarantee you effective care and management throughout the whole process. Your dental health is our number one priority and we will not stop until you achieve your dental goals. Call us at (504) 269-3486 to book an appointment or to talk to a dental expert.
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