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Dental Bridge

3D rendering of a dental bridge being placed over a missing tooth gap that is flanked by two shaved down teethA dental bridge is an excellent treatment plan when you have missing teeth, but at the same time have some other natural teeth remaining. A dental bridge replaces the missing teeth and has its support to the natural teeth that are remaining in the mouth. A dental bridge is useful in ensuring that you restore the aesthetic function of a tooth. In some cases when you have an artificial tooth like a dental implant it can also be useful in offering support for the dental bridge. Come to our Canatella Dental clinic and we will provide you with customized care for a dental bridge.

Boosts Confidence

When you get a dental bridge, you will feel more at ease and confident in showing off your smile. A dental bridge will also help you chew more effectively, and you will feel more confident when biting and chewing your meals. Losing one or more teeth can change the way you bite, causing pain and difficulties while eating. These issues will be eliminated when you replace your missing teeth. If you have a damaged or decayed tooth and it falls out or the dentist extracts it, you will require a dental bridge. When you have an accident or suffer an injury, your tooth may become irreparably damaged, necessitating extraction. You may also need a dental bridge if you have had an infection and the treatment goes beyond root canal, filling or even extraction.

Ways of Acquiring a Dental Bridge

Because the abutment teeth do not need to be prepared, a Maryland bridge requires fewer visits than other types of bridges. Most types of bridges require at least two procedures. Whatever type of bridge you select, our dentist will take impressions or a digital picture of your teeth, which will be utilized by the laboratory to create the components of the bridge. When you have a gap in your mouth caused by a removed or missing tooth, your dental health might suffer. For example, you might lose gum tissue and this can cause your jawbone to deteriorate. Adjacent teeth can also develop or move into the gap, weakening them. This is avoided by replacing lost teeth with a therapy such as dental bridges.

Special Care

Dental bridges will restore the cosmetic value of your teeth, and you will be able to smile and chew with confidence once again. If you have lost teeth, whatever the circumstances, dental bridges can help. Our dental staff at Canatella Dental are here to help you restore your smile with a dental bridge. Make an appointment by calling us at (504) 269-3486.
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