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Common Myths About Kid Teeth

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Cantella Dental
two kids watching tv on the couch and making funny facesThere is so much misinformation surrounding dental health for children. As parents, it is necessary to separate myths from facts so that we know best how to help our little ones develop healthy, happy smiles for the years to come. Let us get to the bottom of some common myths about kid teeth.

Myth 1: Cavities in Baby Teeth Do Not Matter

First teeth can become cavitated, causing pain and infection, and also affect the development of permanent teeth. Neglected cavities will ultimately lead to more significant dental issues in the future. Start early with dental visits to prevent and treat cavities.

Myth 2: Brushing Harder Means Cleaner Teeth

It is not the force but the technique; forceful brushing can harm the gums and enamel. It is even worse in kids. While gentle circular motions are more valuable, the proper technique needs to be monitored and learned at a young age.

Myth 3: Fluoride Is Dangerous for Children

Fluoride has fallen short of controversy but in the right measure as a dental superhero that strengthens the enamel and averts any weakening. The essential appropriate amount to use is only a pea-sized quantity of fluoride toothpaste for young children under the guidance of a dentist.

Myth 4: No Sugar, No Cavities

Reducing sugar will help prevent caries, but it is not just sugar. Carbohydrates and starches are some causes of tooth decay, even some fruits. Instead, it is a matter of frequent snacking and poor oral hygiene.

Myth 5: Children Do Not Need to See a Dentist Until They Have a Full Set of Teeth

Starting at a much earlier age, dental visits can ensure a child has good oral health. A dental visit can help resolve dental problems, preventing them from forming and building a routine of visiting a dentist. Consider a dental visit when the first teeth erupt.

Let us commit to caring for the teeth and dental health of our children. Schedule a dental visit today and start nurturing these little teeth toward the care they deserve because early habits are the foundation of a future full of good oral health.

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