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Advancements in Dental Implantology

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Weo Admin
3D rendering of a dental implant and its components (screw, abutment, and crown) being placed into the jaw.Over the years, dental implants have revolutionized the field of odontology as advancements in dental implantology have further improved success rates and patient experience. The new advancements allow our patients to be exceptionally happy with the outcomes of their treatments.

Digital Dentistry: Enhancing Precision and Accuracy

Digital dentistry has made remarkable strides in dental implantology. With the integration of imaging techniques like CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) and intraoral scanners, dental surgeons can now visualize and plan implant procedures with unprecedented accuracy. CBCT scans provide three-dimensional scans of the patient's oral anatomy, allowing for precise bone density and structure assessment.

This information aids in determining the ideal implant size, location, and angulation, leading to improved outcomes and reduced risks. Intraoral scanners eliminate the need for messy traditional impressions by capturing digital impressions of the patient's teeth and gums.

Immediate Implant Placement and Loading: Streamlining Treatment

Traditionally, dental implant procedures require a two-stage process with a healing period between implant placement and the attachment of the final restoration. However, implant design and surface technology advancements have paved the way for immediate implant placement and loading.

Immediate placement involves inserting the implant immediately after tooth extraction, minimizing the number of surgical procedures and overall treatment time. With immediate insertion, a temporary or permanent restoration is attached to the implant after placement.

Guided Implant Surgery: Enhancing Safety and Predictability

Guided implant surgery has revolutionized the field by enhancing the safety and predictability of dental implant procedures. Dentists can virtually plan the implant placement before the surgery by utilizing computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology.

Digital dentistry, immediate implant placement, loading, and guided implant surgery are revolutionizing dental care by enhancing precision, streamlining treatment, and improving safety. These advancements allow us to provide our patients with more efficient and predictable outcomes, making dental implants an increasingly popular choice if you seek a permanent solution for missing teeth.

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