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5 Tips to Help You Recover from Jaw Surgery

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
3D illustration of mandibleThere are many ways that you could misalign your jaw, such as through an accident. Other people naturally have abnormal jaw growth. If you have a misaligned jaw, then you should consider jaw surgery.

Dentists usually recommend jaw surgery for jaw issues that orthodontics alone cannot fix. If you have scheduled jaw surgery, here are a few things that you can do to help your recovery process:

Opt For Soft Foods

Foods must be not only nutritious but also easy to chew. These foods may include mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, soft bread, and fruit puree. Protein is important for the recovery process. Regardless of what you choose to eat, be careful when chewing so that you do not injure your jaw.

Keep Hydrated

After your surgery, you will feel soreness and swelling around your jaw. It is important that you drink enough water every day. You can also consume fruit juices and milk.

Hot and Cold Compress

Swelling, and sometimes even bruising, around your jaw after surgery is inevitable. For the first week, use an ice pack on your jaw for twenty minutes at a time to reduce swelling. After the first week, a warm compress is more effective.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

After jaw surgery, it is important to have good oral hygiene. This will help maintain the cleanliness of the wound to prevent infection. Be cautious when brushing your teeth after surgery. It is not uncommon to see some slight bleeding when brushing your teeth. However, should the bleeding persist, consult with your dentist.


The best thing you can do to ensure a speedy recovery is to avoid strenuous activities. Your jaw needs time to fully recover. Strenuous activities may dislodge the blood clots and cause bleeding.

To ensure a quick recovery period, you need to take extra precautions. You can do this by maintaining good oral hygiene, getting enough rest, and eating the right foods. If you experience any complications, consult with your oral surgeon immediately.

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