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What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Posted on 12/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Concerned patient discussing her tooth pain with her dentist while sitting in a dental chairAdults often have funny stories about needing to visit the emergency room as children for a broken arm or a concussion from a fall while riding a bike. However, not everyone has the experience of visiting a dentist in case of an emergency. Here are some examples of what injuries can wait on a dental visit and what injuries are dental emergencies that require immediate attention.

How People Get Facial Injuries

Between 20 and 25 percent of all injuries are to the head, face, or mouth. These injuries could be due to playing a sport, a household accident, or as a result of a motor vehicle accident. While the word injury brings up images of severe trauma, most injuries, such as bumps, scrapes, cuts, and bruises, do not require an emergency visit.

When Should I Call the Dentist?

You do not have to call our dentist every time you get hit in the head, but there are times when you need to call a dental professional as soon as possible. It is important to contact the dentist for emergencies immediately because not doing anything about an injury can lead to tooth loss, infections, and gum damage.

Signs to look for

If you have trauma to your face, the first thing you need to check for is excessive bleeding. For example, if you have bleeding in your mouth that you cannot seem to stop with pressure or ice, you need to get to the dentist. Second, be sure to think about your level of pain. Severe pain is the body signaling to you that something is wrong, and dentists can figure out what is causing your pain so it can be treated. Also, if you have broken bones in your face, you need to visit the dentist because broken bones may mean broken teeth as well. The sooner you can get to a dentist, the sooner you can receive treatment and restore your smile.

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