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How Methamphetamine Use Affects Dental Health

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Cantella Dental
How Methamphetamine Use Affects Dental HealthIn some cases, methamphetamine treats conditions such as narcolepsy and ADHD. However, this stimulant drug affects not just the central nervous system. It could have detrimental effects on your oral health.

Onset of cavities

The most commonly known effect of meth is tooth decay. Methamphetamine has a high acidic content that erodes the enamel. Teeth begin to either crack, change color or rot due to erosion. Seeking medical intervention soonest possible could help you avert tooth loss.


The use of meth brings about a dry mouth. This is regardless of whether you use meth in the short or long term. The effects are the same. Methamphetamine dries out the salivary glands in the oral cavity. The sufficient flow of saliva in the mouth is the first defense against tooth decay. This is because saliva contains elements that neutralize the acidity in the mouth. The absence of saliva also makes it hard to chew and swallow food efficiently.

Gingivitis and periodontitis

The abuse of methamphetamine results in reduced blood flow through the body. Unfortunately, the oral cavity is affected equally. Insufficient flow of blood to the gums causes inflammation, swelling, and gum recession. If gingivitis is not treated early, it could escalate to periodontitis. Periodontitis increases the risk of other body ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, or stroke.


The misuse of meth could result in erratic involuntary movement of the teeth. Teeth grinding causes tension on the gum and teeth due to excessive movements. Over time, the teeth begin to loosen up and this could result in tooth loss. Another effect of bruxism is jaw misalignment and constant migraines. All of the above could reduce your level of productivity throughout the day.

Remedy for meth moth

Some effects of meth can be permanent. However, with the right treatments and interventions, we can curtail the progression of the effects. First things first, maintaining your oral hygiene is the best defense mechanism. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash treatments is a good place to start. If you are not using methamphetamine for treatment purposes, then detoxification is something you want to consider. Regardless of the effect, we have qualified doctors ready to set you back on the path to good dental health. Take the step and reach out to us today.

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