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KoR Step 2 Includes 1 Hour Conditioning Treatment In Office, Take Home Bleaching Tray And Two Hour In Office Power Bleaching Session.
$928.22 Value - Insurance Code 0902

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Take your Kor whitening up a notch with Kor step 2 for just $499, originally priced at $928.29. This offer includes a 1 hour preconditioning treatment, two weeks of take home bleaching solution and custom trays, and a 2 hour in-office power bleaching session. Kor is recognized as one of the best if not THE best whitening systems available. It consistently removes stains caused by medication and aging that have been considered “untreatable” for years. Whatever the reason for your dental discoloration, Kor whitening at Canatella Dental can help New Orleans residents get the healthy, brilliant smile they’ve always wanted.

Kor step 2 starts with a 1 hour pre-conditioning treatment. This pre-treatment is comparable to the results offered by other in-office whitening brands. After this initial whitening, you’ll wear custom-made whitening application trays for two weeks to continue the whitening process. To top it all off, you’ll receive a 2 hour power bleaching session. The outstanding results of this power bleaching session are what Kor is known for. Not only will your smile be bright and beautiful, there’s no need for light or laser activation and much less dental sensitivity. The most amazing part of the system is that it’s 100% permanent. With proper maintenance, you’ll never have to worry about whitening your teeth again because Kor whitening doesn’t just bleach your teeth, it prepares them to better absorb whitening agents and block stains in the future.


Your Smile can Leave a Lasting Impression, We Can Help You Make It A Great One.

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