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$129 TAKE-HOME BLEACHING TRAYS $265.22 Value - Insurance Code 09972

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If you want to bleach your teeth but you’re not ready to commit to the Kor deep bleaching system, we can help you make the most of your at-home bleaching options. Custom whitening gel application trays usually cost $265.22, but you can experience the superior comfort and whitening power for just $129. Call Canatella dental to schedule your whitening consultation and dental tray impression visit.

Over the counter whiteners are not as effective as professional products for a number of reasons, but ill-fitting application trays are a major part of the problem. Custom fitted trays keep your whitening product on your teeth where it belongs. That means your soft tissue isn’t damaged by bleaching chemicals. This is a problem reported by many patients who use non-prescription whitening products. Additionally, fitted trays keep saliva out. Your saliva exists to neutralize acids that break down enamel. This is usually a good thing, but saliva doesn’t know the difference between a good acid and a bad acid. That means your saliva may work against the whitening product making it ineffective. Don’t settle for less effective at home whitening, make the most of your investment with customized take-home bleaching trays.



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